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Hope: What The New Era of TeleHealth Brings for All of Us

As most of us know, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened the floodgates for telehealth, removing long-standing barriers to adoption and dramatically transforming patient care. It has practically overnight ushered in the era of virtual care and this market is experiencing exponential growth (e.g. see recent Teladoc quarterly results). With this burgeoning market and technology comes […]

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New Era in TeleHealth As Regulations Change Due to Covid-19 in Massachusetts

March 16, 2020 – As part of the recent declaration of a COVID-19 state of emergency, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is mandating that all payers cover medically necessary telehealth testing and treatment for the novel strain of coronavirus. Government Charlie Baker announced a slew of emergency actions to address COVID-19 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts […]

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